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What’s happening ._.
Happy birthday to one of the only girls who I can completely tolerate with every last nerve in me. You are the sweetest yet strongest girl I know. I love how close we are and how our destiny is to somehow rule this world and for both to become queen. Thank you for being there for me when I needed you. You are truly a great friend… And awesome. I love you & I hope you have a wonderful day. Happy 20th Birthday Emily😌❤️👑
hana banana<3
I’m a fucking pikachu.
I sincerely wish to not be sick. featuring, Simba.
je t’aime tellement, mon chérie.
happy birthday you poop c: you are the greatest and most wonderful human being that I have ever met. thank you for being there for me with arms wide open and for putting up with my stubborn shitty self. words can not describe how grateful I am to even have YOU in my life. thank you friend, I love you so much and please don’t stop being the fantastic, wonderful, and amazing, Gabriel Alexander Romero that I truly know and care so much about. I hope you have a great day😚❤ @le_alexander
this happens on a daily basis… so I guess this is normal.
looking fancy and going to weddings. poop. @le_alexander
@le_alexander & I are gay and like to send each other pictures with our pillow pets…🐼
Screw you guys, he’s the greatest person I have ever encountered. And he will always be my best friend. He’s a better friend than any of you shitty people anyways.👫😁 @le_alexander
Our friendship in a nutshell😁😁 @tilx0face
I’m awkward, forgive me. 😳😶